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Exceptional Retainer Repair in Boulder, CO

For people who wear dental retainers, finding an orthodontist that can repair broken retainers is essential. Your retainer is a custom-made appliance designed to help keep teeth in their proper position, which means it needs to be worn as recommended and kept in pristine condition. But while these devices are sturdy and built to last, they can still break or become damaged over time. If you have a broken dental retainer, you should immediately bring it for repair to John S Walker DMD. Our extensive knowledge will help us successfully correct any issues associated with your retainer.

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Ensure Your Orthodontic Equipment Functions Well

Wearing a custom retainer as directed is essential for maintaining the results of previous dental or orthodontic treatment. After having braces removed, the teeth can shift back into their original position if they are not stabilized properly. The dental retainer helps to prevent this from happening by holding the teeth in their corrected position, which is why patients must wear it exactly as prescribed.

However, if you have a broken retainer or one that is causing discomfort, it is important to contact an orthodontist in Boulder immediately. Waiting for days or weeks can lead to further shifting of the teeth and even undo the progress made after your last dental or orthodontic treatment. Dr. Walker can help if you start noticing sores in your mouth or other adverse symptoms while wearing your retainer and provide a retainer replacement if need be.

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Common Reasons Why Retainers Break

Dental retainers can break for several reasons, one of which is normal wear and tear from wearing it at night or during the day. But since custom retainers are often made of plastic or acrylic, they can become brittle and crack or break if exposed to high temperatures or pressure. Another reason for breakage is accidental damage, such as dropping or stepping on the retainer; this can cause the wires or acrylic to bend or break, making the retainer ineffective.

Some patients may even grind or clench their teeth at night, which unintentionally puts additional stress on the retainer and may cause it to break. But no matter what, It is important to handle your retainers with care and follow the instructions of your Orthodontist in Boulder to prevent breakage and ensure their effectiveness.

Whether it is a small break that needs filing, a crack caused by heat, or a large break that needs to be fixed, John S Walker DMD can handle it all for you. Bring in your damaged retainer with all the pieces, even if they are detached, and we’ll see about fixing it!

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How Broken Retainers Affect Your Teeth

Wearing a broken retainer can have a negative impact on the alignment of the teeth. A retainer that is damaged or broken can no longer provide the necessary support to hold the teeth in place, which may cause the teeth to shift back into their original position. If your custom retainer feels uncomfortable, it is possible that it is not fitting properly, and continued use may cause further damage or misalignment. A broken retainer can even cause irritation to the gums and mouth, leading to inflammation and even infection.

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Tips to Maintain Your Custom Retainer

Once your braces are removed, the retainer helps keep your teeth in the new, corrected position. Replacing a retainer is expensive, so proper care must be taken. Our Boulder orthodontics office recommends you do not wear your retainers while swimming and always keep it away from heat and pets. Make sure you always keep it in its case when you are not using it so you do not risk breaking or losing it! Remember to clean your retainer daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild soap or denture cleaner every so often as well; this helps to remove bacteria and prevent the buildup of plaque or tartar.

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