Retainer Repair Services

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Exceptional Retainer Repair in Boulder, CO

If you have a damaged dental retainer, you should immediately bring it for repair to John S Walker DMD. Our extensive knowledge will help us successfully correct any issues associated with your retainer.

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Ensure Your Orthodontic Equipment Functions

We advise patients to wear their retainer exactly how prescribed. If you experience discomfort with the retainers or notice sores in your mouth, schedule an appointment with us immediately.

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Having Problems With Your Retainer?

  • Whether it is a small break that needs filing, a crack caused by heat, or a large break that needs to be fixed. We will handle it all for you. Bring in your damaged retainer with all the pieces, even if they are detached from the appliance.

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Maintain Your Retainer

Once the braces are removed the retainer helps keep your teeth in the new, corrected position. Replacing a retainer is expensive, so proper care must be taken. Do not wear your retainers while swimming; keep it away from heat and pets. Make sure you always keep it in its case when you are not using it so you do not risk breaking or losing it!