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So many people go through life feeling ashamed or dealing with the aches and pains associated with an imperfect grin. Don’t let another day pass by without taking a step toward improving your own life. Braces offer a unique opportunity to realign your smile and ease the discomfort of jaw pain. The process begins with a consultation and then moves toward implementation, tailored directly to your individual needs and goals.

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Helping You Transform Your Smile with Braces in Boulder, CO

At John S Walker DMD, our goal is to create beautiful smiles with expert orthodontic treatment. You can rely on our experienced professionals to help you straighten your teeth with braces for children and adults alike. On your first visit to our clinic, we will conduct a FREE new patient exam and provide you with our recommendations for treatments.

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What to Expect from Your Braces Appointments

At your initial appointment, our experienced orthodontist will evaluate your teeth, bite, and jaw to determine if braces are the right treatment option for you. If braces are recommended, we will explain the treatment process and provide you with an estimate of the length and cost of treatment.

During your braces appointments, we will adjust the wires and brackets on your teeth to gradually shift them into the desired position. These appointments typically last between 30 and 60 minutes and will occur every 6-8 weeks.

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What to Expect Over the Lifespan of Your Braces

Imagine feeling the freedom of finally taking a deep breath and welcoming athe confident, beautiful new you. Just imagine the vibrant smile that awaits, no longer concealed by your own insecurities or pain. Your jaw will no longer feel misaligned or uncomfortable, and your teeth will appear more vibrant and even than you ever thought possible.

Braces treatment typically lasts between 18 and 24 months, depending on the severity of the orthodontic issue. During this time, you will need to be diligent in following our guidelines for proper care and maintenance. It's important to continue seeing your general dentist for regular cleanings and check-ups while wearing braces. You may experience some soreness or discomfort after an appointment, but this is normal and can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.

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Patient Responsibilities for Proper Care

Taking care of your braces is essential for the success of your treatment. We recommend that patients follow these guidelines to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of their braces:

  • Brush and floss regularly to prevent tooth decay and gum disease

  • Avoid hard, sticky, or chewy foods that can damage your braces

  • Wear a mouthguard while playing sports or engaging in any physical activity

  • Report any breakage or discomfort to our office immediately

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The Benefits of Wearing Braces

While braces can require some commitment and responsibility, the benefits of proper, effective braces treatment can be life-changing. Here are some of the benefits of wearing braces:

  • Improved Oral Health – straight teeth are easier to clean and maintain, which reduces your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and other serious oral health issues.
  • Better Bite – fixing malocclusion issues can improve the way your teeth fit together, which can alleviate headaches, jaw pain, and other uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Boosted Confidence – a straighter smile can improve your self-esteem and make you feel more confident in social and professional settings.

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Reliable Dental Braces for Adults and Children

If you have been suffering from disfiguration of your jaw or have debilitating jaw pain, you will need reliable orthodontic treatment right away. Put an end to the misery by getting dental braces in our Boulder, CO office. You can choose from metal and ceramic braces with a variety of color options. Call us today!

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