Can an Orthodontist Fix a Tooth?

Can an Orthodontist Fix a Tooth?

When it comes to dental concerns, it's essential to understand the different professionals who can address specific issues. Orthodontists and dentists each have unique areas of expertise. While orthodontists primarily focus on aligning teeth and jaws, many individuals wonder if they can turn to an orthodontist to fix a specific tooth problem. In this blog article from John S Walker DMD, your local Boulder orthodontist, we will explore whether an orthodontist can fix a tooth and shed light on when their expertise is most useful.

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Orthodontic Treatment and Tooth Issues

Orthodontic treatment primarily aims to correct misalignments, improve bites, and enhance overall smile aesthetics. While correcting tooth problems is not the main focus, orthodontists can address certain tooth issues indirectly. For example, if a tooth is crooked due to misalignment, orthodontic treatment can help align the teeth and, consequently, fix the appearance of the specific tooth.

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Tooth Extraction and Orthodontic Considerations

In certain cases, tooth extraction may be necessary to resolve tooth problems, such as severe crowding. An orthodontist can work in collaboration with a general dentist or oral surgeon to coordinate the extraction and subsequent orthodontic treatment. By creating space or realigning the remaining teeth, an orthodontist can help improve the overall tooth alignment and solve specific tooth-related concerns.

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Restorative Dental Procedures

While orthodontists focus on tooth alignment rather than specific tooth repairs, they can play a role in restorative dental procedures. For example, if a tooth requires a crown or a bridge, an orthodontist can work closely with a dentist to ensure proper tooth positioning before the restoration is placed. This collaboration ensures that the restoration fits seamlessly with the surrounding teeth and maintains optimal oral function.

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Consulting With a Dentist

When faced with a specific tooth problem, the best approach is to consult with a dentist first. Dentists are general practitioners who can examine and diagnose the issue, providing appropriate treatment recommendations. They will assess whether orthodontic treatment is necessary to address the specific tooth problem or if other dental procedures are more suitable.

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